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Arrange a wedding

Normally one of those to be married should be resident in the parish. In the Diocese of Salford six months notice are required before a wedding. No date can be confirmed until a preliminary meeting of the couple with the priest. To begin the process please see the priest after a Sunday mass.

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Arrange a child’s baptism

A candidate for baptism must normally be resident in the parish. If the child is younger than seven then their primary caregiver must be a baptised Catholic. To begin the process of preparing for baptism please see the priest after a Sunday Mass.

Preparation for Baptism
The Bishop has approved a policy for Baptism which must be observed throughout the Diocese. Two directives in particular are:

1. As an indication ... of the parents' willingness to embrace the call to live as part of the Church, it should be required that they, or at least the Catholic parent, attend Mass for at least six Sundays in preparation for Baptism.

2. ... priests should not baptise children resident in another parish without a just reason. One example of a just reason is where one or both parents are REGULAR attenders at Sunday Mass in another parish, such that they consider that parish to be the parish to which they "belong".

In obedience to the Bishop, this policy will be faithfully observed. In addition, to ensure that God Parents are suitable people to stand as representatives of the Church’s faith and to care spiritually for the newly Baptised, a God Parent will be required to show proof of their Baptism and obtain a letter from their Parish Priest confirming that they are an appropriate candidate for this important role.

Which parish am I in?

Obtain baptismal certificates

To obtain a copy of a Baptismal certificate, please contact the Parish Secretary and enclose a stamped addressed envelope.

Please write to Catherine Peet, St Wulstan's Presbytery, Rushton Street, Great Harwood, Lancashire, BB6 7JQ and provide the following details:

1. reason for the request
2. full name of the person concerned
3. date of birth
4. parents’ names
5. place of baptism
6. approximate date of the baptism

PLEASE NOTE requests for Baptismal certificates cannot be dealt with by email or over the phone.

Arrange a funeral

For detailed guidance for funerals, please click here.

Join the Gift Aid scheme

Please request a Gift Aid form from Catherine Peet.

If you pay income tax and would like to help in this way, please you can find out more about the scheme by clicking here. Joining the scheme does not incur any further expense to you. It allows the Parish to claim a refund of the Tax that you have already paid to the Government.

More information about the Gift Aid


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Parish priest: Fr Ian Farrell
Phone: 07546 852229

Parish secretary: Catherine Peet
Phone: 01254 884211

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