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Giving online

We have enlisted the support of a charity that is dedicated to quality advice about personal and corporate charitable giving, online, and by telephone or post. If you want to make an online payment to your parish, we accept most major cards including visa, cirrus, maestro, connect, delta, mastercard and amex

There is a broken link to the giving page. We can implement PayPal, or drop this section for now.

Thank you for your generosity

Gift aid

Please request a Gift Aid form from Catherine Peet.

If you pay income tax and would like to help in this way, please you can find out more about the scheme by clicking here. Joining the scheme does not incur any further expense to you. It allows the Parish to claim a refund of the Tax that you have already paid to the Government.

Piety stall

The Parish runs a Piety Stall at both Churches. This is open before and after each Mass. We sell gifts, cards, books, especially children's books including items suitable for special occasions.

Saints and Ladies Charity Shop

Why not pay a visit to our Parish Charity Shop in Queen Street Great Harwood. Clothes to suit everyone. We have a special exclusive rail with ladies and gents outfits for all occasions. Children's clothes including school uniforms.

Brick-a-brack; hundreds of books; kitchen items; videos; records; etc; etc. You name it, we've probably got it!

We are always looking for goods from anyone who wishes to donate them and we are always looking for helpers who are able to volunteer a few hours of their time each week. Come and join our happy group of volunteers.

If you are interested in helping, please leave your phone number in the shop and someone will get back to you.

Church cleaners

Our Lady & St Hubert's Church is looking for cleaners. If you have half an hour to spare on Tuesday mornings after morning Mass we would be very pleased to have you on the team.


Contact details

Parish priest: Fr Ian Farrell
Phone: 07546 852229

Parish secretary: Catherine Peet
Phone: 01254 884211

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